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Terms of use of the "Se-Keys" website.

Se-Keys welcomes your choice to browse the website it operates at: www. Se-Keys.com (the "Site")

Se-Keys is an online site that provides an online platform for the easy and secure purchase of original digital licenses for a variety of computer software, including the Windows operating system (MS Windows), Office tracks (MS Office), dedicated anti-virus software, and more. (the “Products”). Also, on the website you will find articles and guides for the installation and use of the products sold on the website and additional information about the products sold on the website (the “Content”)

General - 1

Browsing the website is subject to the conditions specified in the regulations and terms of use (“the terms”). Please read the regulations carefully, as browsing the site and performing actions on it indicate your agreement to the terms contained in the regulations. Also, the site reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, from time to time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The date of application of said change will be from the moment of its publication on the website. What is stated in these regulations applies equally to members of both genders and the use of masculine and/or feminine is for convenience only. The terms of the regulations apply to the use of the website and the contents contained therein using any computer or other communication device (such as a cell phone, tablet, etc.). They also apply to the use of the website, whether through the Internet or through any network or other means of communication. Browsing the site is allowed at any age. The purchase on the website is intended for those with legal capacity over the age of 18 only. The purchase of a minor under the age of 18 requires the approval of a parent or guardian. In the event that it is determined that a provision in these regulations is unenforceable or invalid for any reason whatsoever, this will not affect or harm the legality, validity and enforcement of the other provisions of the regulations.

Statement - 2

Before using the website, surfers and customers of the website declare, confirm and agree that they know: that the contents and products appearing on the website are provided and provided for private non-commercial use only and any action taken following them will be done at the user’s responsibility; that the contents and/or products presented on the site should not be considered as a promise of any result; The customers of the site will not have any claim against the site, its managers, employees or anyone on its behalf and they will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage including, to the body, property or any other damage or loss, which will be caused as a result of receiving and/or consuming and/or using the products and/or in the contents, even if the site warned, recommended or advised on a particular matter or a particular product and in no case will the site be a substitute or the responsibility of the customer and/or the recipient of the service. The customer is responsible for any risk and/or liability for damage to the property and/or the property of third parties, arising from the use and/or non-use of the site’s products and/or the site’s contents; that the site can be used as it is (AS IS) and its use is the full responsibility of the surfer; that the user’s use of the website will not violate any law, regulation or other government directive. The website does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the product descriptions on the website and will not be responsible for any error, mistake or damage

Browsing the site

Browsing the site and browsing it does not require registration, and is open to any surfer. However, purchasing and gaining access to the products requires an order and payment on the website. When purchasing and/or leaving details on the site, the surfer will be asked to provide personal details such as: first name, last name, phone number and an active e-mail address (at the site’s discretion). Providing incomplete or incorrect information may prevent the possibility of using the site’s products and thwart an application if necessary. In case of change of details, they must be updated on the website. The site will not use the information provided, except in accordance with the site’s privacy policy, which is an integral part of this policy. Purchasing and/or leaving details on the website, subject to the surfer’s consent, includes, among other things, receiving marketing content, information about promotions, updates and discounts offered to surfers on the website. The site may prevent any surfer from using the site and/or purchasing the site and/or receiving mailings at its absolute discretion. Without deviating from the above, the site may block access to it in any of the following cases: if during a purchase and/or leaving details on the site, incorrect details were intentionally provided; In the event that the website is used to commit or attempt to commit an illegal act according to the laws of the State of Israel, or an act deemed illegal as stated, or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the performance. of such an act; if the website is used for the purpose of competing with the website and/or the services it offers; if the terms of this policy have been violated; If any action is taken by a surfer that prevents others from surfing and using the site in any way. The site reserves the right to publish content and/or opinions and/or reviews and/or user photos and/or any personal content of users in connection with the services and products on the site, all at its discretion.

Remote control

Remote control and takeover:

Today, computing services are frequently provided through remote takeover and control of a service provider on a client computer. In this way, the service provider connects to the computer that the customer uses in order to provide computing services, and installs software, computer applications, games and more.

Remote control and takeover is not a necessity. This option stands next to the “classic” choice of installing applications or software independently by the customer. Thus, this is actually a convenient option that is offered by many companies dealing in the field of computing, including us, to their customers.

To the extent that one of our customers has chosen of his own free will and consent to receive computing services, including the installation of software and computer applications, by providing the possibility of remote access, control and takeover, and has actively approved the use of this tool, the use of the tool necessarily requires a review of all the personal computer materials he uses. In this way, the takeover and control software, and of course the company’s technical support personnel, have full access to all computer materials, including files, applications, documents.

For the avoidance of doubt, the technical support personnel will act in a targeted manner to access only the computer materials required for the purpose of providing the installation and operation services. However, it will be clarified that the remote use and activation software requires access permissions to all the files, as detailed above, and at the customer’s request and with his consent, the technical support staff is given permission to use the software.

The customer will not have any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the company for the computing services, including the operation services, the installation of the software and applications on the customer’s computer. Also, the customer undertakes to indemnify and compensate the company and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage caused to them in this context.

The company does not undertake and is not responsible for correcting malfunctions and/or operational difficulties and/or other computing difficulties as a result of the installation of the software or applications through remote control and takeover, which did not arise as a result of the company’s own actions and/or omissions, including such malfunctions or difficulties that were caused due to the use of the software through which remote control and takeover was done.

It is the customer’s responsibility to create a full backup copy of all the computing materials (as detailed above) found on the computer where remote control and takeover is carried out. The company will not be fully or partially responsible for damage and/or loss of materials due to the takeover operation and related to it.

The customer’s consent of his own free will and choice to use the company’s computing services, including remote control and takeover, is absolute and exclusive consent. There will be no liability under any law for the company and anyone on its behalf, for any and the company will not bear any responsibility for any damage and/or loss and/or other expense incurred by the customer and/or third party as a result. Moreover, the company will not bear any responsibility towards the users of the services for any damage, use or shutdown of hardware, software, and any other computing material, which is not directly and intentionally caused by it. For the avoidance of doubt, damage caused as a result of the use of third-party software, and the operation and operation of the company or one of its representatives is not the responsibility of the company. It is also agreed that in cases where there is an exclusive, direct and intentional responsibility of the company for damage caused to the customer, under no circumstances will the amount of compensation exceed the total payment for a single installation of the same product purchased by the customer.

The customer declares that he has read the terms of use carefully, understood their content and agreed to everything stated therein of his own good will and free consent. This agreement constitutes a foundation and basis for the company’s use of remote control and takeover tools.

Browsing the site

The site adheres to the provisions of the law and respects the right of site users and others to privacy and good name. If you believe that content has been published on the site that offends you for any reason, please contact us using the details below and we will try to handle your request as soon as possible. Applications of this type can be forwarded by the following means.

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