seKeys About

Who we are?

Se-Keys provides you with a professional, reliable and certified address for purchasing original digital licenses for a variety of computer software, including the Windows operating system (MS Windows), Office tracks (MS Office) and anti-virus software designation. The license revolution is already here – we offer market-breaking prices alongside a comprehensive, available and professional service – and secure payment.

original products

We founded Se-Keys in 2017 when we realized that we could provide the Israeli audience with original software and products at prices they had not known until then. Our journey began when we searched for software such as Windows and Office that did not come with the computer – and we were amazed to find that the prices of these software were close to half the cost of the computer . We were looking for a solution that would lower the costs not only for us, but for all the residents of the country, and we found it in the form of parallel imports that are carried out online and save you costs.

Simple installation

There is no reason to go to the store, buy a product three or four times more expensive and return home with an installation disk. On our site you can find only original products such as Microsoft software, Windows antivirus and Office from a certified source, when the entire process is done online and thus we can offer you the most affordable prices in the field.

With Se-Keys, everything is done easily and efficiently from home or the office – you purchase the product and receive an original license code that you enter during the installation process of the software you need. You receive the code automatically immediately after the purchase.

Your professional address for any issue and question

If you encountered something unclear during the installation process or you want to consult with us before ordering to make sure that the product really fits your needs – no problem – Se-Keys staff members are MCSA certified technicians on behalf of Microsoft. We will be happy to explain, guide and implement the installation with you through our service center.

A comprehensive package of services and a secure purchase

We offer you to purchase original products in a secure and convenient way from a distance, with professional accompaniment for installation by professionals who specialize in this, and all this at prices that cannot be found in stores. The purchase procedure on the site is secured according to the highest standards and complies with all the standards required in the field of information security.

That's how it works today!

This is how software is installed today: quickly, remotely and without paying a fortune for basic software for the personal or office computer. Software is purchased at affordable prices, with excellent service, quickly and exactly according to your needs with the help of the experts from Se-Keys.