Guide to installing Office linked to the account

Welcome to the office installation process and thank you for choosing to purchase from us.

Before starting it is important to understand the installation process.

If you have purchased a license that is not a one-time license, the license is a license that is linked to your Microsoft account, the advantages of such a license is that you can reinstall it on the same computer and even transfer it to another computer in the future, so it is very important to remember which account you associate the license with because that is the only way you can get support from Microsoft and use the license even after that.

Level 1

Removing the office:

The first thing we do is to remove old versions of Office so that the versions do not conflict.

Go to the control panel, click on start at the bottom of the screen and then on settings.

Then go to the application and click on the category – applications.


Remove the old versions

Search for the words Office and 365 (each in its own line) and delete what appears.

It is very important to delete the old versions so that they do not conflict with the new version that we are installing.

Step 3

Download the software

Sign in to your Microsoft account or create a new one.

* Please note – from this stage the key will be redeemed in your Microsoft account and it will not be possible to remove it or exchange a product key.

Also – you have to remember which account the product key is associated with because that’s the only way to reinstall the product.

Step 4

Enter the product key

Type the product key you received from us in the email.

If the product is the product you ordered, click next to associate the pairing process with your Microsoft account.

Possible error: “This code has already been redeemed.” – Go to step number 5 to see if the code already appears under your account.

Step 5

Downloading the office

Click on “Install” if it appears or go to the page “Services and subscriptions “, log in to the Microsoft account if necessary if you are not yet logged in, here you will find the programs you are subscribed to and this is the page you will need to access if you want to reinstall the product or install it on another computer in the future (if you have deleted the installation from the current computer)

Then click on “install” or “install” next to the product you just purchased, choose the language that suits you from among all the possible languages and click install.

last stage!

After you have run the downloaded file and the installation is complete, go to one of the office programs and click on running the office.

Most of the time, the office activates itself, but if the following window does not pop up, click on activation via the Internet, if the operation fails, click on activation via the phone.

Prefer a video? No problem !