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Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch comes six years after the last Luigi’s Mansion release, and was welcomed by impatient fans who could not wait to get their hands on the latest iteration of the game starring the more famous Mario’s brother.
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Luigi and his friends check into what seems to be an innocuous hotel, looking for a little bit of peace and some rest and relaxation. What they get, however, is the usual mayhem, spooky villains and quirky monsters that are such a feature of these charming and addictive games!

Of course, Luigi is completely unprepared for monster hunting and has only his vacuum cleaner to hand. Fortunately, it is one that the Ghostbusters themselves would have been pleased to get their hands on, called the Poltergust G-00.

Not only can this trusty appliance stun and suck up villains in a most satisfying way, it can also give Luigi some boost whenever he jumps, and it can also fire plungers. The plungers are not only good against villains, they are also useful when it comes to opening tricky doors and even in solving puzzles.

Secrets, Secrets Everywhere!

This haunted hotel is quite massive so just exploring the obvious bits can take quite a while. That being said, do try and take your time and investigate absolutely everything. Objects and doors that your avatar can’t reach can sometimes be accessed using the plungers.

Each plunger has a piece of sturdy string trailing from its handle. Fire your plunger until it gets a good grip on the door or object you want to open or have a look at, and then – once it is stuck firmly – use your Poltergust G-00 to suck up the string, tugging the plunger back towards you, bringing the door or object with it.

For example, using the plungers on some barrels down in the basements, you will uncover a nest of rats – so be warned! – but also concealed behind the barrels will find a key. What the key opens, you will have to discover on your own as you move through the hotel!

Some of the other places to look out for apart from the basement (which contains a wine cellar and several dungeons) are the lobby as you go in, the greenhouse, theatre and there is even a film studio to investigate. Each of these places – and even the more unexciting passages and room – will have plenty of secret hiding places and treasures for you to find and gather.

Luigi’s Slick New Moves

Luigi has some updated skills in this game, all of which make the game even more fun to play:

  • Guigi is the best of these: a rubbery flubber-like version of Luigi who is ace at travelling over spikes without sustaining any harm and who can slide easily through bars and narrow spaces. However, he is not so good in or near water so be sure to switch back to regular Luigi when things start getting a bit damp


  • Slam is a move that allows you to slam villains on the floor – like a toddler having a tantrum – as you such them up. This ensures that they remain under your control as your Poltergust G-00 tucks them away safely


  • Blast refers to using the vacuum in reverse, a bit like a leaf-blower to blast crowding hordes of villains back a bit to give you enough space and time to think of a plan to deal with them all!

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