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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action adventure game from Nintendo, the latest in the length Legends of Zelda series. The game is fairly freeform, with little in the way of instruction given to players. The game predominantly involves gathering resources, completing side missions and solving puzzles.
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A lot of the game’s charm revolves around the fact that it rewards experimentation, so you are positively encouraged to go off script and explore out of the way areas of the map. The main story arc can be completed in a non-linear fashion, so you can choose how and when you complete each task rather than being forced into a restricted course of action.

The game’s prize-winning graphics, physics engine and high-quality voice acting saw it being named Game of the Year and it has been touted as one of the greatest video games of all time as well as being – understandably – the best-selling Zelda game ever.

What’s the Story?

The realm of Hyrule has an ancient enemy, Ganon, who has been trapped (about one hundred years before the beginning of the game)

Link in and Explore

The protagonist of the game is, as always, Link, who can explore the land of Hyrule with a range of actions from swimming to walking or running; even climbing or gliding with a paraglider. Keep an eye on Link’s stamina though, some activities will wear him out faster than others.

The world is carefully thought-out, with players able to attract lightning strikes on their enemies by throwing metal at them. However, wait too long to strike, or wear metal yourself and you will be the one getting blitzed!

Power-Ups and Valuables

You always have something to do in this game, and do not be tempted to rest on your laurels once your armoury is full. Unlike in most other games, weaponry and shields degrade over time, so you have to constantly be on the look out for replacements or the materials to make them.

Here are some other things to watch out for:

Weapons: these can be made of many materials. Wooden armour and weapons can be used as firewood when needed, giving them a useful purpose, especially towards the end of their lifespan, when they begin to degrade

Food: this is obtained by hunting animals, gathering berries and even using parts of enemies’ bodies. Food items can be cooked according to recipes found within the game to create potions and meals that give Links power-up, temporary boosts, or that simply fill his health and stamina metres

Shrines: make sure that you investigate every shrine that you come across. While some might end up with you having a fight or needing to solve a puzzle, the rewards are usually worth it. Shrines can also contain Spirit Orbs which can be traded for health or stamina, or puzzles that provide you with a Korok Seed which can be traded in exchange for inventory items

Towers and Waypoints: working out how to activate towers is strongly advised. This enables you to warp between points, as well as adding new, unnamed, areas to the map. Once you explore these regions, the name will be added

Fulfil the Secret Mission

If the player completes certain missions including releasing the Divine Beasts and locating the Master Sword amongst others, they will unlock a secret ending in which Link and Zelda realise that they must work together to rebuild Hyrule.

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